I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby.

I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

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One of the biggest  flaws of the writing of Stiles’ character is that the show choses deliberately again and again to make Stiles the emotional center of the show. We see every little bit of his emotional turmoil -much more than we see of that of other characters-and know everything about his tragic family backstory and we are supposed to feel for him.

But the problem is that show expects us to feel for somebody who demonstrates again and again that he is petty, insensitive and not the least bit emphatic to the suffering and trauma of other people, of people who are not in his immediate circle and whom he does not consider as close friends.

This does not really work for me.

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 Firstly, I want to clarify this is not a hate post. I do not hate on any of the mentioned characters, I, in fact, like them, but I felt these things needed to be said and I hope they didn’t come off as rude.

Why would you think Stiles is an asshole for no apparent reason? Because you’re immensely wrong. Stiles always has been reluctant to relationships of every kind. He always had Scott, and he thought he was all the friends he needs. But his life turned upside down. His best friend got bitten by a werewolf, which he seemed to cheer it because of the perks it came with. But soon enough, things gone for the worse for both of them.

 We all know Stiles is a broken person. He grew up seeing his mother wither day by day, and one day she actually passed away with him next to her. He had a really traumatic moment, and the trauma stuck at the back of his mind for a long time, even though he thought he got past it. His father had drinking problems. Nevertheless, Stiles felt guilty for his mother’s death. That’s a given. The hallucination he had with his father at Lydia’s party only proves it further. Now, his friend got super powers. Everything in their life became tense. Derek with Isaac, Erica and Boyd constantly bullying them was for no help. Jackson also bullied them continuously through their high school years. As if that was not enough for him to reach breaking point, Gerard came in the picture. He abused and threatened both Stiles and Scott. Then Matt pointed a gun, and killed multiple officers in front of them. He saw corpses, he saw death, he felt death. And then things went for worse. And what’s the relevance of this enumeration, you may ask. Well, because Stiles is scarred. And he never voiced it. He doesn’t have time to complain and vent away all the trauma and problem he has. He keeps it all in. He pretends there’s no pain, think that it might go away if he does. You don’t see Stiles saying: “I saw my mother die. Be sorry for me.” or “I was beaten to a pulp in a basement” or “I had to drown myself in cold water, risking death to save the ones I care about”. He doesn’t like this, he doesn’t seek pity or sympathy. And he doesn’t like when others do.

Isaac: “For half of my childhood I was locked in a freezer, so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me. “

Stiles: “Okay, dude, are we still milking that?”

 Isaac mentioned his abuse. Nothing wrong with that, kudos for him for being strong enough to verbalize it. But as Isaac was abused, gave him no excuse for what he did when Derek first turned him. His abuse gives no excuse for him trying to kill Lydia because Derek said so. Right? Because then we’re being hypocrites. Because the abuse in some psychological way does actually justify his actions. Then, the abuse he’s gone through too, do justify Stiles’ words. He lacks empathy. He doesn’t want to understand Isaac’s pain because nobody gives a shit about his. So if his partner of conversation does not care about how he feels in the slightest, why should he? No, I totally relate to it. This applies to Ethan, Isaac and Liam. Neither of them actually care about Stiles. Is he in pain? Has he gotten any sort of internalized abuse that he’s hesitant to expose? Who cares?

 You don’t see Stiles exposing his traumas. He takes it all in, and somehow he becomes immune to others’ pain. He’s been possessed by a thousand year old dark spirit. Of course he’s not all fluff and he doesn’t glow. He’s a seventeen year old boy who’s traumatized and he has already enough to deal with as it is. He can’t stand a needy freshman causing troubles. He’s a god damn teenager. He can’t stand it anymore. He has killers on his head, his friends having targets on their backs, and he’s afraid. He’s struggling with guilt and trauma, yet he carries violent and graphic murder pictures at school, the same guy who fainted at the sight of needles at a tattoo shop. He sees blood and corpses on a daily basis, and he’s in alert 24/7 because if he let’s his guard down for a minute, something lethal can happen. So of course he’s snappy. Of course, he is mad because Liam is another problem for him, as if he hasn’t had enough to deal with. Stiles saw the kid as a threat to Scott’s happiness, and he’s truly mad that he’s now much more than that. He’s afraid that kid is going to bring bad things, and is he wrong? I like Liam, but he’s young and reckless, and competitive and vulcanic. He can’t predict what’s going to be Liam’s next move, for all he knows he may lose control, attack a student and expose himself, dragging Scott down with him. Stiles voices it. He’s not happy with Liam being a werewolf. He doesn’t want another thing to worry about. Yet, he doesn’t get to choose. He just sits idly by, waiting for the time bomb that Liam’s condition + his werewolf temperament is to blow up and he has to be there, to prevent the damage.

 Personally, I understand Stiles’ frustration completely. In all honesty, if I had all his problem, the least I’d want is some kid to stir up shit, and I be more alert than I already am supposed to be.

 I repeat, because some of you clearly do not understand, or tend to forget: Stiles Stilinski is a teenager. He’s seventeen. People twice his age would break into pieces if they were in his shoes. He just can’t take it anymore, and he certainly doesn’t need another thing to worry about.


 Rant done.

Stiles is a human, but he’s still an asshole.

His being a human doesn’t negate that, it enforces it. Stiles has had to deal with a lot of trauma over the course of the show, but he was a little shit in season one, before the majority of those traumas. He doesn’t seem to feel compassion for the traumas of other people, and perhaps his trauma explains why, but it doesn’t make that lack of compassion not exist.

I don’t believe he’s a sociopath, I believe he’s a deeply guarded human and probably has been for a long time. But he is an asshole. He’s an asshole to people not connected to his trauma, he’s an asshole in over half of the interactions we see him having with people. You can give him a pass on being an asshole to Derek, Isaac and Argent, because they’ve each done him wrong in the past, and he doesn’t have to accept them deciding to overturn a new leaf. You can’t excuse him for being an asshole to Scott in season one, or to Lydia who was dealing with her own trauma in season two, you can’t excuse him for being an asshole to Liam who didn’t ask to get bitten, or to meet Stiles at all. You can’t even excuse him for being an asshole to Matt before they found out he was behind the kanima.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this negative attribute being attached to Stiles. He also doesn’t act very well under pressure, either. Flaws of every kind deepens the character. But you ignoring him being an asshole just because what? He’s dealing with his own problems? Like Derek and Isaac aren’t? That doesn’t give him a free pass. It wouldn’t have given Scott a free pass, and it doesn’t give Derek a free pass, so I don’t understand why it should give Stiles a free pass. He’s a teenager, teenagers are assholes a lot of the time. It’s still not an excuse, and people are allowed to be annoyed about it, just like they were allowed to be annoyed by Scott’s frustration in season one. Teenagers don’t act the way you want them to, because they’re unfinished products.

But still, that doesn’t mean his behavior wasn’t that of an asshole.

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